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Usual questions and answers:

Q: Crowded.Place — what is it?
A: Global cultural exchange platform connecting artists, places, experiences and people. We created AI-based demand-supply chain service for Creative Industries and Cities to connect and build trust for venues, artists and audience, provide blockchain-enabled solution for artists, collectors & labels (including nft and audionft), make in-demand events on 'no-customer' days, provide wide support for the artists and local small businesses, improve liveability and walkability of the Cities.

Q: I'm a venue/bar/restaurant owner and sometimes we had events at our place. I want to join. When it will be available in my city?
A: While we constantly adding countries according to our roadmap, we understand and support small businesses, affected by COVID situation. We'll be happy to add your place to our platform and provide special subcription straight away. Write us at and let's begin our cooperation! We also launched zero-waste initiative, that might be interesting for restaurants.

Q: When do you plan to have a public test version in 2023?
A: Although we have limited public access to Crowded.Place 1.5 due to the quarantine announced in Lithuania in March 2020 (and to undergo a major upgrade), we are constantly using the platform for internal purposes in all our international events. We plan to reopen for public in 2023 with new tools for artists, managers and event organizers, a mobile app and smart integration with various city services.

Q: I am investor and i'm interested in this project and your FAYR Ecosystem. Are you raising?
A: Write us at, we're always ready to discuss various opportunities.


Selected Flagship Projects of the FAYR Ecosystem:

Zero-Waste Lifestyle initiative — empowering local small businesses and Citizens with cost-effective tools, focusing on: reducing Carbon Footprint, fighting food waste, Zero-Waste Lifestyle introduction, improving City's Liveability, support local businesses, involve & educate various social groups. Launched — 2020.

Digital//Kalnas Gallery — world's first multiverse gallery. Physical blockchain/nft-enabled gallery of the future for classic art/digital art/cryptoart and immersive experiences, first dedicated permanent gallery in the Multiverse Gallery Network. Launched — 2020.

Musical Blockchain — multi-awarded, world's first psychology-based AI music composer and digital art creator. Audionft introducer, recognized NFT OG, world's first AI signed to a record label. Artificialive since 2018.

Crowded.Place is a Flagship Project of the FAYR Ecosystem.
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